David Helbich: Kortrijk Tracks

May 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Kortrijk Tracks is a collection of audio-guide and score pieces for a walk in public space with a score book for actions and instructions, an mp3 player with soundtracks and a set of open system headphones.

The work premiered at this year’s Flanders Festival in Kortrijk/Belgium, as part of Sounding City‘s RESONANCE showcase, and as part of a collection of soundwalks for the city of Kortrijk.
Currently the collection comprises David Helbich’s walk and Christina Kubisch’s ‘Electrical Walk Kortrijk’. It will be extended over the coming years (also see The Art of Soundwalk).
Throughout the year, these soundwalks are made available at Kortrijk’s tourist office to visitors of the Belgian town. He will also adapt his soundwalk for a number of other European cities, where it will be presented as part of upcoming RESONANCE events.
The Kortrijk Tracks make use of ‘pretty generic locations’, and Helbich invites everyone to try the tracks in the city of their choice. You can listen to them and download the full set on Soundcloud.
On his blog you can download the accompanying booklet with maps, instructions and scores, as well as a brief manual on how to use the tracks with an mp3 player.

David Helbich: Kortrijk Tracks.


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